1884– Aston Charities Trust was set up by the Durning, Smith and Lawrence families, with the opening of the first ‘Durning Hall’ in Limehouse.

1889– The Mansfield House University Settlement was established by students from Mansfield College, Oxford University.

1930– Durning Hall was a thriving success with regular activities including Scouts, Guides, dress making and orchestras.

1938– The Mansfield Settlement’s ‘Fairbairn’ men’s and boy’s club reached a membership of 5000; one of the most successful in Europe.

1959– The second Durning Hall was opened, where it still stands today.

1990– The Froud Centre was opened in Manor Park. It was named after Rev. Jimmy Froud, the former warden of Durning Hall who served there for 31 years.

2000– Aston Charities Trust and The Mansfield Settlement joined to form Aston-Mansfield.

Present Day– We are successfully continuing with our work helping children, young people and families in Newham.