Thanks to generous grant funding from Cycling Grants London, we have been able to deliver a cycle course, teaching many Little Manor children how to ride, or improving their skills. We are working with over 20 Children not only improving cycling proficiency but also teaching some bike maintainance and bike safety! 

Over the course of 6 weeks, we take each group of children through various cycling ability exercises, build their experience and understanding of cycling and cycling safety.

The Children work with cycling instructors to learn and practice these skills. At the end of the course, we plan a ‘adventure outing!’ the pinnacle and the peak of all of the training – this time, with our newest cyclists, a guided trip on the road to Stratford Olympic park!

The benefits of cycling on health and wellbeing have been proven time and time again – for young people growing up in urban surrounds, cycling can mean more than just physical activity. Cycling gives young people freedom, provides cheap travel alternatives and can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Teaching children to cycle from a young age means that they can carry the skill for the rest of their life. It’s not life changing but it is life enhancing and does contribute to our alumni being more capable and healthier citizens!