Paul Morgan, Aston-Mansfield’s Youth Manager, very sadly passed away on 6th November 2019.  Paul was very committed to his work with young people, and he really cared about the young people that he worked with.  He inspired us all by his uncompromising commitment to young people, and he inspired many young people. Paul’s cool, chilled out vibe meant he was very calming to be around, and we know that many young people responded to that vibe, listening to Paul, and often feeling, for the first time, that they were really being listened to.  He was always prepared to do whatever it took to ensure that the young people knew that they mattered. We remember his enthusiasm and passion for his work, and the pride that he took in seeing the young people he worked with grow and develop.  We also remember his humility, warmth and sense of service, his quiet gravitas, and the fact that he was a very decent person.

Although his life was tragically cut short, he made a big difference to the lives of many young people, and that legacy will live on.  Paul’s passing is a great loss, and we miss him, and remember him.