On April 29th we kicked off our first SupaPlay of the year with a day dedicated to all things squidgey. Unlike our previous SupaPlays, the first hour of the session is now exclusively dedicated to children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and their families. Not only does this promote socialisation amongst other families and children with SEND, but it also gives the children time to immerse themselves in the activities without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

There was a selection of activities, each encouraging children and adults to use their sense of touch.

The Oobleck station mesmerised both children and adults. When the slime was punched or thrown in the air, it remained solid. However, when touched delicately or not at all, it was runny. They loved mixing together their own batch as well – cornflour and water. Simples!

The children got stuck in with filling their balloons with flour or chickpeas at the stress balls table. They had a fantastic time getting messy with the flour and customising their stress balls with silly faces.

The kinetic sand area proved to be most popular. They sculpted their own shapes and had fun mushing the pieces together.

The children also learned how to make playdough from scratch with basic house ingredients and within 5 minutes they had their own fresh batch of delicious smelling playdough to take home.

The next SupaPlay Saturday will be on May 20th. Save the date! We look forward to welcoming you!