Incase you’ve somehow missed it, we’re crowdfunding to raise funds for our LGBT youth group, Paris. We’ve been totally overwhelmed by the support we’ve been shown with 88 backers of our project raising, to date, £4,982. We’re striving for £6,000 which will allow us to run the project for a whole year and give us the space to look for ongoing support and sponsorship.

We think you’ve got why the project’s so important. It’s the only support for LGBT young people in Newham, young people who experience higher rates of self harm, poor mental health and suicide. It’s a project that moves young people away from those decisions and celebrates who they are, giving them the opportunity to explore their identity, make friends and develop confidence in a safe and supported environment.

We want to say a little bit more about what your donations pay for however, so you can see just what it is you’re supporting:

Pledge here if you’re interested in supporting our work: