It seems that now, more than ever, we need to stand strong.

The atrocities in Paris and the fear and backlash that those events created, the desperate flight of refugees from Syria and elsewhere, the increasingly felt effects of austerity, particularly by some of the most vulnerable people and families – these things shock, anger, frighten and upset us, some because we are directly affected, others because we do not want to be bystanders, but often do not know how to act.

Aston-Mansfield has been standing strong, and building stronger communities, for over 130 years.  We want local people, particularly those newly arrived and those who are vulnerable to find it easy to find and create community, and we want to make sure that local children and young people have many opportunities to develop, learn and grow.

But we feel that we should be doing a lot more. And to do that ‘more’, we need your help. You can help in all kinds of ways; from sharing the word on our provision, to volunteering with us, having a clean out and donating to our charity shop. Perhaps you could run a fundraising event with us, come along to one of our events, what ever it is you have the time or enthusiasm to do- we are grateful and we well come you. Join Team A-M, and help us to stand strong.

Go HERE to find out how you can get involved.