The latest SupaPlay Saturday event held in Toronto Avenue playground reached new heights as children and parents made unique pieces of art by launching paint rockets high into the air resulting in a satisfying splurge of paint onto their canvasses below!

And guess what, the paint rockets are easy to make! All you need is an old fashioned film canister, add a drop of paint, a drop of water, half a teaspoon of salts (such as Andrews salts), put the lid on and shake it up. You need to be quick and put it onto your canvass, lid down, before it goes off!

3,2,1, blast off, the canister is launched into the air with a pop. It can get to 30 feet high and is gloriously messy.

It all resulted in a fantastic fun day, free soup for everybody and some lovely artwork to take home. Click here to find out more about our SupaPlay Saturdays.